Christian Way Cafe

We are so excited that the summer of 2017 brings the launch of the Christian Way Cafe.  For a number of years we have provided a more limited menu but now we can do a better job of offering more food choices at affordable prices during your visit to our farm.

With our new cafe, we have partnered with Hunt Brothers Pizza and Wings.  With that we offer one price pizzas--meaning all pizzas are the same price, no matter the number of toppings.  Also available are traditional and boneless wings.  (The menu shows prices before taxes are included but to make life simpler in our store/cafe, we include taxes in all of our menu items)With tax included, one pizza is $11 and two or more are $10 each.. 

Thin crust Hunt Brothers Pizza

In addition to pizza and wings the following menu lists the other items available.  As we are able, we hope to have specials or other items added to our menu. 

For our neighbors and others wanting pizza or other items to go, please call or stop by.  In our busier season, especially on Saturdays, know that our ability to serve you quickly will be maybe a bit more challenging, but we are glad to serve you as well.

For groups coming to the farm--please plan ahead with us so we are better equipped to properly prepare your order along with our other guests who are eating with us.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to have the Cafe and we look forward to serving you!